About The Texas City
Limits Coalition

The Texas City Limits Coalition is a voice for every landowner.

We serve as a platform for landowners to advocate on behalf of their property rights. In 1963, each municipality in Texas was afforded an Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) by the Texas Local Government Code as a method of defining potential growth and future service boundaries. ETJ zones are areas directly outside a city’s territorial borders.

Depending on the population, they span from half a mile to five miles, although we have seen cities like Houston and San Antonio expanding past their afforded boundaries.

Texas landowners residing in ETJ zones outside the city limits must abide by the city’s laws and politicians, although they have no voting rights.

We want to change this 58 year old law!

Landowners shouldn’t have to be controlled by laws that they can’t vote on. Cities that regulate unincorporated land control matters such as signs, subdivisions, and emergency services.

The Texas City Limits Coalition wants to help you take control back by giving you the ability to participate in the democratic process or reducing cities’ governance.

We aim to diminish the regulation inflicted upon landowners and give them a say in the political representation within their municipality.

Our Mission

The Texas City Limits Coalition was formed because we believe that every Texan should have a voice in their governance. Texans who live or own property outside of a city’s limits, in what is called an Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), should have a say when a city’s rules and regulations affect them and their property. ETJ’s are areas outside of a city’s territorial boundaries that encompass landowners under the purview, and governance, of that city. These landowners are regulated by certain city laws which they currently have no right to vote on simply because their property is in an ETJ. The Texas City Limits Coalition aims to acquire equal rights for all landowners by giving them the ability to participate in the democratic process of the city that governs them or by reducing that governance.